Riaru Ito




@riaru _ito


Quicksilver, Warner Surfboards, Kraf Aloha Real Estate, Sankyosha

What makes Pipeline unlike any other wave?

Where you can find the most amazing barrels in the world

Who is the greatest Pipeline surfer of all time?

Derek Ho

Who is the best surfer at Pipeline right now?

John John Florence

What would a Vans Pipe Masters title mean to you?

Leaving your name in history has meaning

Is there an advantage to being a goofy or regular footer at Pipeline?

I think goofy footer is more advantageous

We want you to remix an old classic. What turn do you best think suits the wave?

The layback turn is the most classic

If you had Pipeline with 3 others, who would you prefer? (family not included).

John John Florence, Balaram Stack and Benji Brand