Kyuss King






Vans, Electric eyewear, DHD, Sunbum, Banzai Bowls, Boost mobile, Gorilla Grip, Social Remedy, Skullcandy, Sexwax

What makes Pipeline unlike any other wave?

Its Pipeline theres so much history attached to it.

Who is the greatest Pipeline surfer of all time?

Gerry Lopez

Who is the best surfer at Pipeline right now?

John John or Kelly Slater

What would a Vans Pipe Masters title mean to you?

A whole lotta sick pits with only a few crew out.

Is there an advantage to being a goofy or regular footer at Pipeline?

I don't think so

We want you to remix an old classic. What turn do you best think suits the wave?

Tom Carrolls under the lip hack.

If you had Pipeline with 3 others, who would you prefer? (family not included).

Gerry Lopez, Archy, Ronnie Burns