Moana Jones Wong






Volcom, Chili surfboards, electric, creatures of leisure

What makes Pipeline unlike any other wave?

There’s a reason Pipeline and northshore in general is called the “proving grounds” it ain’t easy. You can be the best surfer in the world and come out to Pipeline and be lost. Pipeline will humble you and once you show up on the beach you’ll feel the Mana (power). Like Makua said Pipeline demands respect which is very true.

Who is the greatest Pipeline surfer of all time?

Derek Ho

Who is the best surfer at Pipeline right now?

That’s a really hard question but I think JJF or JOB

What would a Vans Pipe Masters title mean to you?

It would mean a lot! Just having the opportunity to be apart of this contest is already a dream! Super excited!!

Is there an advantage to being a goofy or regular footer at Pipeline?

I don’t think so

We want you to remix an old classic. What turn do you best think suits the wave? Feel free to get creative in your thinking.

Power carve haha I don’t even know if that’s a thing but pipeline is powerful so a normal carve will turn into a power carve lol

If you had Pipeline with 3 others, who would you prefer? (family not included)

Bethany Hamilton, Keala Kennelly, Rochelle Ballard