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What makes Pipeline unlike any other wave?

Everything about it is unique. The mixed plate of people from around the world all in the most crowded lineup at the same time. The short distance from the huge barrels to the beach. The many faces she has. The first, second, and third reef which you can take your pick at which you’d like to take off from. Shes as unique as it gets.

Who is the greatest Pipeline surfer of all time?

Jamie O'Brien

Who is the best surfer at Pipeline right now?

Jamie O'Brien / John Florence

What would a Vans Pipe Masters title mean to you?

It would mean I made it to where I always dreamed of & belong

Is there an advantage to being a goofy or regular footer at Pipeline?

They both have their advantages but I would think being a regular footer at pipe and backdoor is more beneficial. Pipe is scary, steep drop and being able to grab your rail and basically lean on to the wave while droping in gives u much more stability and in my opinion makes it easier. For backdoor front side is better than backside because it likes to change speed and throw different sections out of no where. So, being front side is much easier to react to whatever gets thrown at you.

We want you to remix an old classic. What turn do you best think suits the wave? Feel free to get creative in your thinking.

I dont really understand the question. But if your talking about tom currens turn then i stick to that turn, the layback, suits pipeline the best.

If you had Pipeline with 3 others, who would you prefer? (family not included)

Derek Ho, Andy Irons, Barron Mamiya