Eli Olson






O’Neill, Dhd surfboards, Celsius, 3rdstone, Moyabrand

What makes Pipeline unlike any other wave?

The history, the power, the crowd, the energy on the beach

Who is the greatest Pipeline surfer of all time?

Jamie O’brien

Who is the best surfer at Pipeline right now?

Jamie O’brien

What would a Vans Pipe Masters title mean to you?

It would be a massive honor to get the win and have your name next to previous champs and legends! I’m going to die happy either way but that would be a mental one to take to the grave haha

Is there an advantage to being a goofy or regular footer at Pipeline?

I think regular foot has the advantage. We get to stall harder and hold onto the rail when it gets sketchy. Plus back door is so fuckin gnarly I would never want to be backside out there!

We want you to remix an old classic. What turn do you best think suits the wave? Feel free to get creative in your thinking.

This might be where a goofy footer has an advantage, but if you could get a huge barrel and come out and just lay down a huge layback in the pocket and hold on that would be pretty insane

If you had Pipeline with 3 others, who would you prefer? (family not included)

Nasty Nate, JJf, Koa Rothman